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Haven’t held a software job yet? Unrelated work experience? Do you think that you’re not getting a call back because of your lack of experience, or for not having a degree? The REAL issue is that your not showcasing your ability to add value correctly. What could you add to their company? How can you bring them dollars? When employers are looking to hire you, they’re looking for potential to learn, and potential to bring value. This cover letter will help you highlight your best projects, everything you’ve learned – all while minimizing a focus on your previous experience. Learn how to leverage your personal or school project experience to get an edge on the competition and catch your future employers eye.

This Pack Includes 6 Downloads( 1 PDF and 1 Docx file for each):

NEW Mixed Template: Show you exactly what you need and where you need to input your information.

Real Cover letter: A cover letter proven to garner attention and get your foot in the door.

Easy Edit Fill-In Template: The fastest and easiest way to get your future employer to pick up the phone and call you back. 

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Zero Experience Cover Letter

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